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The map at the left shows the current moratorium-affected section of Illinois representing an under-served area of the state's total eligible Medicare and Medicaid health care beneficiaries. The governmental future plans are to legislate new rules designating this and many similar states as CONs.

The acronym CON stands for "Certificate of Need"; a policy where regulators restrict the total number of home care agencies, clinics, hospital beds and hospice agencies to a arbitrary number based on a bureaucratic opinion and pseudo-statistical algorithm. Much like the gerrymandering of congressional districts, the legacy agency's market values soar as they become essentially, state-sanctioned health care monopolies.

If you have any desire to someday secure authorization to become a CMS provider, our recommendation is to begin the process now...before the government closes the door on new applications. The current regulations permit primary office locations outside the restricted areas leaving only the possibility of future availabilities within the current moratorium-affected sections and there are no requirements for minimum patient counts or services to maintain the license beyond the start-up period.

Start-up costs are relatively low when compared to the cash flow and resale values of successful agencies after only three years of business activity. (See our ROI calculation page.)

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